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Classic Models

1970 North Wales Police Vauxhall Viva HB panda car 1:43 scale (fns) based on a real vehicle first regstered in Bangor, North Wales and still on the roads visitng many classic car shows and has featured in varous TV series including The Royal, Heartbeat, Life on Mars, The Moors Murders and The Yorkshire Ripper story. The model is based on a Corgi vanguards model, with the additon of the roof light new wing mirrors and the North Wales livery to match the real vehicle.
1991 Lotus Elan 1:32 scale. This model was stripped down and painted
in the original Lotus red with hand painted details and fitted with the owners registration plates as per his real car.
1:32 scale 1987 Daimler XJ40 based on the Matchbox Superkings Model stripped down and painted in moorland green with hand painted details including the interior and fitted with the owners registration plates as per his real car.
 1:43 scale 1976 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa 3.0 Sportsmatic in red.
We created this model from two separate models, a standard 1:43 scale Porsche 911 Targa in red, which was sourced from Germany as it is a rare model, as the host model and a 1:43 scale Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo also in red as the donor model.

The first step was to cut up the turbo model for its boot spoiler, although it is a whale tail style I was unable to source the tea tray style spoiler, this was removed from the model with precision, the edges were filed until it fit onto the engine cover of the host model.

The host model was taken apart completely and the seats were painted in acrylic tan paint to match the leather interior of the real vehicle and the floors were painted in a slightly different shade of tan paint to match the carpets of the real vehicle. The door cards and the upper and lower parts of the dash board were also painted to match the car.

The cloth part of the seat bolsters and door cards were created by photographing the real vehicle’s seats. From the photographs I cut out the tartan section and reduced it to 1:43 scale to fit the seats and door cards of the model, I then transferred them onto laser print waterslide paper and cut them to size before fitting them to the seats. The arm rests, speakers and electric window switches were then hand painted in with black acrylic paint. Once the interior was painted and transfers fitted it was lacquered to protect it. I then fitted seat belts to the interior door pillars using 3mm ribbon, cut into 1mm strips and glued into place. I then made the rear eye level brake light from a small piece of black plastic painting one face bright red and glued it to the rear parcel shelf of the interior.

The exterior of the model was a little easier, I fitted the rear spoiler to the engine cover gluing it into place and painting the join between the two black. I fitted a wiper to the rear screen, I fitted an ariel to the top centre of the Targa bar. I removed the nearside wing mirror and filled the hole with modellers putty then mixed red and yellow enamel pants to colour match the body to paint over the filler once dry. The corners of the front bumper were painted in black acrylic paint to match the real car.

I made number plates, Porsche Owners club badges and a tax disc from photographs and after reducing them to 1:43 scale transferred them onto laser print paper, printed them, cut them and applied them to the model. Last of all I painted the grill of the spoiler red as per the real car.

The model was then presented in its original plastic display box.